California’s Full of Whiskey and Gold

No, that has nothing to do with anything. Just something that’s stuck in my head! Anyways, I’ve teased my that he’s gonna have to look into senior life insurance soon. He is gonna be 52 this year!! It’s my job, as his oldest {and most loved :P} daughter, to tease the crap out of him. It keeps his mind sharp and able.

All kidding aside, I adore my dad, and I seriously can’t believe that he’s actually in his 50s! He doesn’t seem it to me, but I guess, since I’m going to be 29 this year, that he has to along with me!


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2 responses to “California’s Full of Whiskey and Gold

  1. Haha, my dad’s gonna be 60 this year!
    .-= Misty┬┤s last blog ..Year One =-.