Not Scrapping Much …

but I am going camera crazy!!

I got a pretty purse. You jealous?

Water shots are something I love to capture.

dark-ish water shots. I was figuring out shutterspeeds and the like. Can't do fast shutter speeds with a flash.

water dripping on the table on my patio

a dark-ish self-portrait. I really love how this turned out!

I love how this shot turned out!!

leaves from the fall found in the grasses of the spring

the start of new leaves are heading this way

a creek behind my apartment

I went on a very cold walk with my husband and caught this picture.

I love my son's eyes. They're the same color as his dad's.

Madi's first of 2010. Found out both kids need new bikes (they're getting too tall for them).

No one believes that my son sleeps oddly. Well, here is the proof, 😆


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2 responses to “Not Scrapping Much …

  1. lol, little kids all sleep crazily. I used to end up with my feet on my pillow. Once I semi-sleep-walked into the closet trying to find my door cuz I was backwards in bed.