I learned something today …

Double and triple check that the damn memory card is in your camera. FUDGE!! I could have gotten some really great shots with my camera today, but *nope* I forgot the mother-f’ing card in the laptop!! *grumble*

We went and saw Jesse’s house today. Smaller than what we need, but like two times Mark and Julie’s (and a decent yard). Huge garage. Plus, you can fit like 4 vehicles in the driveway. Full basement. The only shower is in the basement, though, :lol:. Cable ended up being hooked up while we were there. The kitchen of his house? I took one look, called Josh to see, and went “That size or bigger,” as he’s saying it with me, :lol:. Great minds, I tell you. Jesse, I’m jealous of you!! AND!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MEGAN!! (his girlfriend, not my sister :P)
I did get some though! Most were with my cell though:

Busy Day
Heading out

Got some filters for the camera.

I can now stream on my TV through Wii.

Nice temps and I had a sexy driver (you just can’t see him, :lol:)

They decided to go one-lane, on the 75 bridge that splits going east and west to 70. STUPID!

Someone was very tired in Best Buy. I ended up getting Neverwinter Nights Diamond (my own copy, so Josh and I could play together

I got a new shirt! It’s a boys XL. Josh says I look super tiny in it. I love it!! It says “Bring it on” 😆


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