Daily Archives: 25 March, 2010

Enjoying a Sunny Day

Before I start the post, I want to say something. Actually, it’s a prayer/thought request. The president of Josh’s local union’s wife is in the hospital, recently having had surgery to relieve pressure in her brain. She was diagnosed with lung cancer that’s traveled to her brain. Please keep her, her husband, her family, all of them in your thoughts and prayers!

Cold but Sunny
Today was such a pretty day!! The sky was so blue, with just a few clouds. The ground was a little soggy, because of yesterday’s decent amount of rainfall. I even had a little job. Then again, I had to! I left my keys in the mailbox. We’ve lived her for four years, and I have never done that, until today, :lol:. Um, oops? I got my keys!! And I ran in my new thong sandals (my pink and brown ones). My feet felt better in them than they did my sneakers! Weird, right? Continue reading