Eh, I’ve pissed off people today. I’m excited that reform passed, and I’m quite vocal about it.

I’m also quite vocal on my dislike of the fact that in a few years, I’m going to have pay taxes on my benefits to pay for those required to get healthcare. So, yeah, I don’t like that, and I don’t like the requirement. I’m on it because I feel safer, plus, I do have medical issues (such as the IUD), and it’s better for me to have , so instead of paying $2100 out of pocket, I paid $900, including my deductible. STILL!! $600 for a little plastic tube that goes up in me? Well, at least it lasts for 5 years. Cheaper than the pill at $40 a pop, every month.

Anyways, sorry if I pissed you off because I’m excited that children are required to be covered, no matter their issues, immediately. Excuse me if I’m excited that in 3 or so years, I can see someone for my bipolar, or whatever it is that I actually have, without the worry of being kicked off my husband’s insurance. Excuse me if I’m excited that people like my mom, who has seizures due to brain bleeds (or something like that) and scar tissue, will never have to worry about being denied healthcare coverage or run the risk of being “too expensive” because of her required meds.

What gets me are the people who are that are currently on federal funded programs, such as medicaid and medicare, and screaming “No ‘gubment’ healthcare”. Excuse me? You’re on it currently. Yes, it sucks, but you can blame the insurance companies themselves. That, and that Oh So Wonderful Man who ran the country into the ground for 8 years.

That’s another thing! I’m tired of hearing people say that ’s the one ruining the country. Um, excuse me? He’s on track to getting us out of Iraq. You know, that war that put us in. He’s working harder to keep each and every one of the promises he’s made.


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