Daily Archives: 20 March, 2010

Out Shopping

Is it just me, or is everyone offering some sort of credit card processing when you order something. That, or they’re offering you an actual credit card or rewards card. I went shopping with Julie a couple weeks ago, and I got a new rewards card from Hot Topic. So, on top of my Best Buy, Dillons, Toys R Us, and Hallmark, plus the Barnes and Noble one that I renew each year, I have the Hot Topic one. Weird, but awesome! Its definitely an eclectic assortment of cards, :lol:.

Needing a Healthy Diet

I’m on the hunt for a good diet plan to follow, but something that’s not hcgdiet.net. Nothing against it or anything. I’m wanting something higher in protein. I wish Walmart still carried the South Beach Diet meals. I miss those. The snacks and everything tasted absolutely yummy and made me crave more and more. They were just tasty, and because they were high in protein, I didn’t feel a crash a few hours after eating. I miss having those.

Weird queries

What is phosphacore and do I need it?

What is the meaning of life and why is is 42?

Do you believe in heaven and hell?

Do you believe that everyone deserves forgiveness?

Do you think that I should shave my head?

Do you think I should just give up and enjoy life?

Do you think I should redo some graphics on the site?

Is there life beyond the valleys and the seas?

Do you dream in black and white or color?

I’m not old, you are …

I’m hoping to avoid looking into dermitage reviews until I’m at least 30, maybe 40, if I’m lucky. I mean, I have the skin of a thirteen-year-old going through puberty, so I should be good for awhile, right? Or am I going to go from zitty to wrinkles and chin hairs in a matter of months?

Man, can you see where my brain has been going lately? I’m so stressing over getting old. I think it has to do with Ethan turning five. 🙁 I didn’t want him to do it.

Bad Ideas

Too many people I know are looking for diets for quick weight loss. They won’t listen when they’re told that no amount of insane work-outs will cause a quick loss of weight. A friend, Kori, does Insanity, P90x, and Hip Hop Abs, plus running on a treadmill, and she sees a five-or-so pound fluctuation, which is mostly water weight.

How do people not get that the quick weight loss diets actually lead to yo-yo dieting and can make you sicker? Instead of relying on the scale, rely on how your clothes fit. Are they fitting better? Are you losing inches? Then you’re doing what you should.

Remember: muscle weighs more than fat.