Daily Archives: 11 March, 2010

Busy Day Tomorrow

Josh is off!! *w00t* On a Friday!! Madi is off!! So, we’re going to get our licenses renewed (so that Josh’s is here by the 18th of April, when his expires, no matter how slow the DMV is, :lol:).

Then we’re just gonna “cruise” around town. I want to go to Best Buy and check out the filters. 🙂 I’m wanting to try some more :P. Target is a stop because Ethan and Madison are in need of pants (Walmarts seem to all be in the thick, thug-style or huge cargoes, and Ethan doesn’t have the butt to keep them up, ;)). Maybe a stop at Sam’s. Its been suggested that I try hummus, :lol:.

Otherwise, not much is going on 😛 Mom sent Ethan’s birthday presents from her and Dad, as well as the ones from Megan and her gang, :lol:. It’s been pure torture for him to see them but not be able to open them, :lol:.

A new layout and Pictures!!

Okay, I’m obsessed with showing pictures here, I guess!! Even if I never get comments on them, :lol:, I’m loving showing them off!! Feel free to comment! Even if it’s to tell me that they suck!

Kit: Tranquility by MandyMade
available at DSDI and Gingerscraps
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