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Some Pages :)

Okay, of my list of stuffs to do, I ended up clearing 3 things out of it, :lol:.

P365 pictures. On Stilts and Outside.

I took the On Stilts one this morning and the Outside was obviously after Madison got home, as well as Josh 🙂 I ended up taking 761 shots while they were out playing and I was only outside for 10 minutes, :lol:. WOW! My new camera rocks my socks!! Continue reading

T13 – 76th Edition – Countdown

Thirteen Day Until Ethan Turns 5
  1. Thirteen days until I no longer have a preschooler
  2. Thirteen days until I have to check 2 instead of 1 for children 5-8 (common selection for ages)
  3. Thirteen days until I have to accept that he’s a boy and not my baby
  4. Thirteen days until he takes one more step away from me
  5. Thirteen days until I have to accept that in August, he’ll be gone during the day
  6. Thirteen days until he’s five
  7. Thirteen days until I try not to bawl all day long
  8. Thirteen days until my baby turns five
  9. Thirteen days until he’s decked out all in green
  10. Thirteen days until you pinch everyone who’s not wearing green
  11. Thirteen days until Transformers invade even more
  12. Thirteen days until wrapping paper litters the floor
  13. Thirteen days until Ethan turns five and the world ends

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03/04/2010 To Do List

Ugh, remember that this is *just* the scrapping to do list, Whistling.

  1. at least 2 layouts with Flip Flops
  2. at least 2 layouts with Tranquility
  3. 2 challenges per forum
    • Ginger Scraps
    • DigiScrapbookMania
    • Stuff to Scrap
    • Brownie Scraps
    • Gotta Pixel
  4. P365 – The Letter O

The good news? I can knock out technically 8 of those layouts by combining 1 and 2 with 4 layouts from 3, Thinking.

And I’m trying to find a good “Now Playing” plug-in for Windows Live Writer but none of them are reading iTunes. Ugh! WTF?

And … as if you couldn’t tell, I found one that worked! It just took what feels like ages to properly get it configured!!

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