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Wordless Wednesday

Swing Set

Being Bodacious

What place feeds your soul? Where do you feel most at home? Most creative? Most peaceful? Most like your authentic self? Any and all of the above…

Okay, time for some real and true honesty, again, I guess. Once again brought by the amazing Janey!

Most at home has always been my parents’ house. I pull into the lane and a sense of peace just comes over me. I can be me, completely and totally, including yelling at my sister, cursing at my parents (and always with an immediate “sorry about my language” :lol:).

The most creative, though, I’m usually outside. Anywhere. I love being outside. Especially now.

So, yeah, home is the only place I could think of to be.

I Want an Unlimited Spending Budget

Here are just a few things I would buy if I had an unlimited spending budget. Okay, not completely unlimited, but I could spend where I wanted without having to feel guilty because some people are too stupid to realize that going 5-day delivery in the USPS means the end of the USPS, and the end of the safeguards currently there protecting the consumer/mail recipient.


Well, I was gonna do this nice long list, but WP decided to eat it.
Oh well.
Now you can just get my whine.

So, are you for or against the 5-day mail delivery?

5-days means laying off at least 1/6 the work-force. For every 5 routes, there is a T6, who carries that route.
Then, there are PTF’s (technically part-time) who can work anywhere for 2-60 hours a week (Josh did 50-56 from October to middle of February). Then, the TEs. Those are the temps. They’re only guaranteed 4 hours, period. They work more hours than a PTF, the PTF gets paid what the TE worked, as well :P, since the PTF is more permanent.

The biggest bunch of BS: even if you are a regular, if you’ve been with the USPS for less than 6 years, you can be laid off.
The pay isn’t as good as some people like to say it is. Josh gets absolutely no paid holidays, unless he works it. He might be making almost $24 an hour, but he’s shelling out almost $5K a year for medical, when only 4 dentists accept the dental and like 12 local places accept the vision. Oh, and don’t even get me started on trying to find a local primary-care-physician. That’s literally impossible. I was only able to find a GYN because my SIL and MIL went to the office that accepts it.

Not Scrapping Much …

but I am going camera crazy!!

I got a pretty purse. You jealous?

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Madi’s New Shoes

Madison got new shoes. She picked both pair out. She also saved me $20 by doing it because the shoes I wanted to get her were more expensive! Plus, she’s taller!!

She’s wearing her tennis shoes to school today, and is already asking when she can wear her sandals!! That’s a good sign, because that means she loves them! She’ll usually go outside barefoot to see Josh come home, but she had to take the time to put on her sandals yesterday. *w00t* She chose well, I think. Very pink. Very girly.