Laundry Day

Water Falls Okay, this week has been a weird week. Even when I felt like ass because, of what it looks like to be, dehydration (someone here can make a 12 oz can of Sierra Mist last for 8 hours somehow), I still somehow got things done. Dishes have never gone more than 18 hours in the sink. For us? That’s amazing. We don’t let them get so bad that things start to stink, but seriously, most of the day with a mostly empty sink? That’s insane! And now, kids have overflowing drawers. Madi has two dressers and we’re running out of places to put her clothes. I’m having to hang now, :lol:. We didn’t realize how much clothes she had.

But this reminded me of something someone had asked me to respond with. Rachael, of Antithete (which, btw, is one hell of an awesome blog and PERSON!!), asked me:

Can you be specific about what kinds of get-off-your-butt stuff actually works for you?

I wrote her a decent length e-mail in response, and wow, I found out a few things about myself:
1. I’m definitely a Sagittarius, through and through, :lol:. Of the four of us, I’m the only one born right in the middle of the star sign. The other three are at the end/cusp of theirs, so they exhibit both their birth sign and the next sign personality traits.
2. I do not adjust well to a set schedule. Seriously on this! I hate schedules. I get used to one, and then, one thing can throw it off, and I have to come up with something new. I can’t deal with that. I love the change. I hate the having to adjust everything around it. I just prefer to go with the flow.
3. I like to do things on my own terms and my own schedule. The good news, though? I can finish things in a time crunch. I guess that’s a good thing, though I’m not a fan of doing things last minute, but ugh, I can’t get myself to focus long enough to really finish something.

Okay, who else is like this? Please?


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