Daily Archives: 20 January, 2010

Again with House Hunting

Josh and I have started looking at houses again. We’ve already made the decision to stay in the complex one more year, to give us time to finish paying off the truck, as well as attempt to save for the down payment. Otherwise, we’re just waiting to see what the housing market does. Houses here locally have not dropped in prices, at all. Kansas seems to always be a few months behind on that stuff, so ugh, we’re stuck waiting for people to get it through their thick skulls that their lack of land, tiny house is not worth the $250K they think it is. I’m sick and tired of waiting though. I’m so excited to start really looking at things like glass tiles for the kitchen and things.

What sucks more? We found TWO houses we could afford, in the areas we’d prefer, and they’re, at least based on pictures, PERFECT!!

20 acres (double what my parents have, :lol:), 5 bed, 4 bath … GORGEOUS. Only downfall? We’d have to buy new appliances because it doesn’t come with any. But the 12 x 15, I think it was, kitchen would so make up for it, :lol:. Plus, that just means we get what we want, 😉

4.5 acres, I think, 3 bed, 2 bath, full basement.
Downfall: small, small rooms.

Ugh!! This sucks!!

Bleh, I Suck

I didn’t work out yesterday, at all. I did do two loads of dishes. But that doesn’t count. Seriously, I need a treadmill so I can do something active without feeling like I’m being active. Seriously. I used one at Julie and Mark’s gym, and good lord, I was in heaven (Julie can vouch for that, I had a grin the whole time). Sadly, we don’t have space for one in the complex, nor do we have the funds for a gym so I could use one with greater regularity 🙁 I checked the cost of the local YMCA and they charge over $70 a month for families. I understand some of the cost, but it’s supposed to be the “cheaper” investment. I can’t afford $70 a month on top of my other bills, especially since I’m not sure how often I could make it there. $70 a month, just for me, would mean 14 days at Julie’s gym ($5 for a guest to visit). That’s going every other day, just to make it justifiable. O.o Oh, I would love to be able to do that, but even with the fact that it’s only 15 minutes away, I can’t justify the gas expense either.

Ugh, I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place. I get so sick and tired of working out in front of a tv, though 🙁