I’m Not Sleeping …

at all. Lately, I’ve been not at all! I’ve been having to rely on Tylenol PM for when I have headaches and Unisom when I don’t, just to get some sleep. Sadly, I’m not through the night, even with the sleep aids. I’m seriously considering finding out if natural pills would help me at all.

I’m watching 101 on Animal Planet. I want, want, want a Maine Coone or a Bombay. Yeah, opposite ends of the spectrum there. Madison wants a Selkirk Rex, :lol:. It’s 3 layers of curly fur, including curly whiskers, ;). Adorable !!

We’ve also been watching 101. Josh wants a Great Pyrenees. I’m okay with that, because I want an Australian Shepherd, :lol:. On 101, it said, “if the Australian Shepherd does not have sheep to herd, it will herd your children”. I started cracking up at that. I mentioned it to Josh, and he goes “well, duh.” He’s 100% okay with a dog that does that. It’s not a “vicious” trait. It’s not even a dangerous one. It’s just the dog’s instincts. We wouldn’t train it out, but we would train the dog on where and when to use it.


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