Daily Archives: 15 January, 2010

Starting in February

I’m going to be working on completing A Piece of Her Heart. Besides the writing and the other stuff required, I have to also redo the book cover design. If anyone has any suggestions on that, I’m more than willing to hear!!

Sex Talk

My husband and I have been wondering when to start the “sex talks” with Madison. Next week, there’s supposed to be some seminar like thing for kindergarteners and first graders (what she is), and they’re going to be talking about “bad touches”. So, while she’s not going to be taught about herpes simplex virus and the like, I do know that we’re gonna have to start the talks soon. We’ve already told her “no sex until we’re dead” and then Josh went “Yeah, and you just jinxed with that.”

So, when should one begin having “the talk” with their kids?

Clean Skin

Yesterday, I mentioned not needing to look into the best acne treatments when I was a teen, but needing it now (and thank you to Julie and Misty for making me feel young, BTW!! Needed that, :lol:). Well, I still haven’t found one, but I think I’m just not going to worry about it anymore.

Instead, I’m gonna focus on this:

I wrote that on my truck this morning. It made my day a lot better. 🙂