Daily Archives: 10 January, 2010

Cellphone Covers

I need a cover/case for my phone. Which do you think is better?

I’ll also be getting something like this (Samsung Hands-free Stereo Soft-Gel Headset) for my phone as well (great for when I want to hear shit, without bothering anyone else :lol:.

So, on the cases, which would you choose? Josh says the solid purple. So, it’s sitting in my Amazon cart, along with 3 combo plates. I think I’m good to go, :lol:.

WW: Jan 03-Jan 09, 2010

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Lots of pictures. Some have been edited, some not 🙂 (as of right now, I’ve taken 32 pictures for January o.O … or at least uploaded 32)

Flash back to the bad ass days of music!
My MP3 player gave me Bon Jovi while cooking dinner on Sunday. I danced around the kitchen (and got mocked by my husband, but I don’t care). Is it bad that I kind of wished it was the Glee mash-up version instead, though?
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