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Things to Get

I just got my phone, I know, but there are a few things I want to get for it:
1. a larger micro sd. I have a 4gig right now, and I would like to upgrade to a 16gig, just to make sure that I never run out of space 😉
2. a new cover. I just keep losing it with it’s black case, 😆
3. a headphone adapter. For mine, it utilizes the same adapter thing as the USB and power cord. I’d rather just buy an adapter and use whatever headphones hit my fancy at that time.

Besides that stuff, I’m totally loving on my phone. First few days, I had problems with the battery life but as someone told me, I have to train it to my needs. So, now I’m only charging it every 3-4 days, which is pretty good, considering how much I use it, :lol:. I love it’s easy to use functions.

I found out on New Years, though, that even these keys will not keep me from missing letters if I’m drunk, :lol:. Ooops!! As Kori would say: #lolasshole

Five Layouts

Okay, warning: I’m sick, and sitting is the only thing that doesn’t make me dizzy (freaking sinuses), so I’m doing a lot of scrapping, :lol:.

January 2010 calendar challenge at Brownie Scraps, in which we were to scrap our New Year’s Resolutions.
Kit: You’ve Got a Friend in Me by Ramona the Pest and Punky Princess Scraps, an exclusive for December 2009 addicts
1. Post every day at my main blog, and on my LJ
2. Take a picture every day and post it. Hey! I can put my new cell to use on that!!
w00t for unlimited data!!
3. Work out at least 5 days out of 7. Can I do that? We’ll see.
4. Finish “A Piece of Her Heart” and do the edits, and attempt a self-publish it. w00t

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