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End of 2009

I cannot believe that 2009 will be over in a little less than 14 hour from now. Wow!

Well, I hit 400 layouts for 2009. I’m amazed that I did it! I did 6 layouts yesterday, and here they are!

 <br />Kit: Rock Out Witcha Potty Out (Boys) by ModernJune Creations, exclusively at DSM    <br />This was for a Challenge at Brownie Scraps. I really love how it turned out. I have it on my new phone (a Samsung Impression, if you care to know … I &lt;3 it so much, :lol:)

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T13 – 75th Edition

Thirteen Good Things about 2009
  1. Madison lost her first tooth.
  2. Ethan got potty-trained.
  3. Josh got a few pay raises, 😉
  4. I finally got a new cellphone (hey, that’s good for me)
  5. I hit 40 readers, and stayed there for a bit (probably dropped now, :lol:)
  6. I got WiiFit, FINALLY
  7. Josh finally got his new Indiana Jones hat
  8. I made resolutions and I broke them, but I’m okay with that
  9. I’ve made lots of new friends online, and I hope to nurture them in 2010
  10. My Colts had a nearly perfect season and would have continued that streak, had the coach not pulled out the first string 😉
  11. My mom seriously spoiled me with the Colts stuff
  12. I increased my collection of Nutcrackers.
  13. My nephew, Hunter Michael, was born one day after mine and Josh’s 7 year anniversary 🙂

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New Cell Background

The things you do when you’re trying to hit goals, :lol::

Whatcha think? It looks swell (:lol:) on my phone!

Nice Mornings

The past two mornings I’ve been waking up to this: my kids cuddled in my bed with me. I’m loving this. I’m just wishing they would get along better during the day.

Only a week, and then Madi goes back to school. 🙁 I’m gonna miss having her around.

Figuring out things

I think I have figured out how to do the pages for the kids. I want to do a book for them, for each year, to commemorate how much they’ve learned and how much they’ve grown through each year.

So, here’s my math:
2 kids
26 letters in the alphabet
52 weeks in the year

I think that works out perfectly, don’t you think?