Be Jealous!


Now to finish writing the scene that I’m in so I can post before Krissy kills me!


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4 responses to “Be Jealous!

  1. LOL! I won’t kill you. If I killed you, you couldn’t finish the book (it’s a book now, you know, and not a story) and then I’d have to figure out some way to get you in the afterlife. Much too complicated for me!
    .-= Krissy´s last blog ..My Unimpressive life =-.

    • It’s definitely a book now!! Based on settings I was given, officially 137 pages so far, too, and still have at least half to go, if not more, depending on how many twists the plot takes :lol:. So a minimum of 274 pages. Not a long book, 😆

      • Well, JK and Stephanie started out short. You can hit 800 pages in the follow ups. 😉

        • Well, looking at my favorite series (Fear Familiar, Harlequin Intrigue), they are about the same length. Current one I’m reading is 217 pages, actually, and that’s with a “preview” page, a list of major characters, acknowledgements and things like that 😉