Daily Archives: 30 October, 2009

La La La


We have carved pumpkins!! *w00t*

And my apartment? Smells heavenly!! Black Cherry Vanilla Cookies (Black Cherry and Vanilla Cookie candles … or something like that, :lol:)


No, no, no! No snow. Not here, not yet, :lol:. But I did scrap some. Picture is from December of 2007, :lol:. According to the timestamp, it was December 06, which means 2 days before my 26th birthday, :lol:.

Kit: Let It Snow by FlutterbyeFaery Designs
Having a birthday in December and growing up in the midwest means I go hogwild when snow falls. Kansas, though, seems to get only ice, so real snow, no matter how little, is cause for an occasion, as long as it fades away and doesn’t cause problems.
Picture: December 2007

The Haunted Train … STOPS

“Eeeeeee, Eeeeee” went the brakes as the Hallow Scream Express pulled into Sarah’s Blog. “Eeeeeee, Eeeeee”. The train came to a grinding halt alongside the platform. The conductor poked his head through the window to see who was waiting. Three Men, a dog and a donkey. “For heaven’s sake, the things they expect me to carry on this train. I don’t know, they just don’t pay me enough sometimes, especially when you have to clean up donkey poop. Mind you it is good for the roses”

He looked around again and sighed with relief because he could not see anything sinister lurking in the dark corners of the platform.

Climbing down from the train, he put his hand in his pocket, pulled out a fag packet, lit up and leaned back against the lamp post for a crafty smoke while the passengers climbed on the train. “Mwahahahaha, Cackle, Cackle”.

He chucked the half smoked fag down in his panic. “Quick, quick, grab your surprise, we must get out of here” he said and jumped onto the train. “We have to get to the next station before they catch us”

“Whooo, Whoo” sounded the train’s whistle as it vanished into the blackness of the night.