Daily Archives: 26 October, 2009

Hi Monday

It’s Monday.
You know, that day that always follows Sundays. I hate it.
I’m exhausted today. So exhausted. Last night, I was almost falling asleep on the couch and then got a second wind. Ugh! I hate when that happens. Kids zonked EASILY. I guess lots of walking and playing, plus cotton candy, :lol:.

Today is a NaNo prep day. *w00t* Meet-up at the library!! *w00 h00*

Other than that, no major plans. Some tentative. 🙂

New Releases: Make It Funky

Okay, this kit is HUGE:
9 Papers
3 cardboard papers
8 felt squares
10 patterned papers
8 cardboard patterned papers
10 solid wrinkled papers
9 buttons
2 clips
1 plastic stem
1 bracket frame
6 paper and glitter flowers
1 plastic flower
3 white photo edges with shadows
2 paper and glitter frames
3 paper and glitter leaves
1 push pin
2 crumpled ribbons
6 ribbon knots
2 ric rac
3 strings
1 star stitches
3 paper and glitter strips
2 paper and glitter journaling tags
1 string bow
4 fancy plastic brackets
1 circle stitches
9 PS glitter styles commercial use allowed!
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New Releases: MandyMade CU items

First off: CU Flower Brushes:

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New Release: Date Me Add-ons

ModernJune has released her “Date Me” elements!! There are 3 different parts. First, Second, and Third Date.

Date Me – First Date:

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New Release: October Haze

Okay, yesterday we went to Gary’s Berries in Grantville, so we were able finally able to get some great fall pictures. w00t It also gave me a perfect chance to use ModernJune’s newest kit, October Haze.

Isn’t it AWESOME?
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