Daily Archives: 23 October, 2009

Tried a Tutorial … Photo editing

Before - Faking HDR
Picture was taken at Shawnee Lake on Memorial Day
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My apartment usually reeks of cigarette smoke until we have to run the heater. And not anything good like Rocky Patel cigars. No, it’s the obviously cheapies and the longs at that. gag This woman below us is a damn chimney, I swear. You never see her without a cigarette. At least with #2, she at least has been seen without one, though her apartment definitely reeks of them.

And before anyone says anything, I have nothing against smokers. It just pisses me off that I’m exposed to the deadly toxins in second hand smoke and I have no say against it. “They’re smoking in their own apartment. We can’t stop that.” Ugh! I wish the smoking ban that goes into effect on Dec. 4 would cover that shit. If I get lung cancer because of these fuckers who started a habit and then bitch that they can’t quit, I’m gonna have to cut someone, seriously.

Day Dreamer: Freebie *and* new kit

ModernJune has a gorgeous new kit out. It’s called Day Dreamer.

It’s GORGEOUS!! The layout I did yesterday used the kit!!

AND!! Today she’s got a great freebie to go with it: