Daily Archives: 17 October, 2009

Work-Out Fail

I keep having to stop my work outs. I’ve got some sinus BS. I feel great, then, *bam* waves of dizziness and lots of snottage drippage. Sexy, right? I’m still refusing to look at diet pills to get smaller though. That’s a good thing, right?

Slept like butt yesterday. Josh couldn’t sleep, so he made sure I couldn’t either. I hate when he does that. THEN, he opened the windows last night. Considering it’s only 46 right now at quarter to one, can you imagine how cold it was last night? OI! And then he turned on the fan to pull in more cold air. I sleep by that window and fan. *grumble*

More Space

I wish apartments had more space. I’m even looking at apartments for rent to see if there are bigger ones somewhere. Then again, our lease isn’t up until May. I love this complex. Not a fan of a few of my neighbors, but for the most part, I like the complex. Its just the lack of space. I need more space.

Then again, I know of people in a house, with decent space, wanting something bigger, so it must just be a common thing for all of us.