World Building: The World: The Basics

The questions and things come from here. We’ll see how well I can do this, :lol:. If anything really sucks, please, please, PLEASE, let me know!

  • Are the laws of nature and physics actually different in this , or are they the same as in real life? How does magic fit in? How do magical beasts fit in?
    Basic laws of physics apply, except in situations in which the are involved. Then, the rules are no longer applied, in a general sense. There are still rules to govern the way it is used, and no changing of atoms and things occurs, though “creation” of new ones can, in a sense.
  • Is this generally an earth-like world? Is it an “alternate Earth”?
    Generally, it’s pretty much “Earth” with minor differences, much like how Vulcan is much like Earth but not.
  • Are there different human , whether or not there are non- like elves or dwarves? How does the cultural and ethnic diversity of this world compare to the real world?
    There are the humans, faeries, , Magickals, and in some cases, and walking around on this world.
    The “humans” are several different races, in which the only real distinguishing factors are ear shapes and teeth.
    Some of the races have longer canines but are not “true” vampires. They are told to have been part of the original vampire clans but made a deal with the gods to not have to rely on the blood of their brethren to survive.
    The others with distinguishable ear differences are the “elves”. They do not differ much from the basic human, just have pointed ears, and are considered more frail.
    The races tend to not mix well, and usually stay on their own continents, and tend to shun those who are of mixed breeds.
    The Faeries are very antagonistic. They seem to thrive on making the humans and everyone else suffer for some unknown reason, some perceived affront that has been done to the Faeries.
    The Vampires are not “typical” vampires. They are born of the race. They only drink the blood of each other. They are still allergic to sunlight. They do not live indefinitely, but they do live longer than “normal” lives.
    Magickals are basically humans, but not. They look like humans. They just have magical powers that they obtain at the age of 16. They tend to blend well with the humans, as they are “charged” with protecting them. They tend to only mate with each other, but the world is changing, and more are taking to mating with other “species.”
  • How long have there been people on this world? Did they evolve, or did they migrate from somewhere/when else?
    Some of the races migrated there. Some were there for “all time”. The migrated ones come from other parts of the galaxy/universe.
  • How many people are there in this country? How does this compare with world population? What is considered a small town/large town/city in terms of number of people?
    Each country has it’s own population, made up of a separate race, though some of each group are working to integrate. It’s hard to get an accurate number of how many are in each area, to compare, because some do not like to be contacted.
  • Where does magic power come from: the gods, the “mana” of the world (as in Larry Niven’s “Warlock” stories), the personal willpower or life force of the magician, somewhere else? Is magic an exhaustible resource? If a magician must feed his spells with his own willpower, life-force, or sanity, what long-term effects will this have on the health and/or stability of the magician? Do different races/species have different sources for their magic, or does everybody use the same one?
    The magic of the gods is based on their believers. If they have no believers, they have no power.
    The power of the Magickals is from both training and themselves. Their magic is tied to their emotions, which is why it unlocks at the age of sixteen.

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