Daily Archives: 28 September, 2009

New Kit Available: Hocus Pocus by ModernJune Creations

I love this kit! It was so much fun to play with!!

It even has GLITTER!!

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New Kit Available: Roots by MandyMade

Available now!!
Great for creating family tree layouts, or just regular layouts!!
Very versatile!
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Things That Make me Go Hmmm…

  • best hgh releaser … what is it for?
  • Why people hurt people
  • Why people push away others when they need them the most
  • Why my friends have to hurt and I can’t do anything about it
  • Why does the world have to just suck sometimes

Am I the only one who has any of these thoughts?


Josh and I were looking at TVs last time we went to Best Buy. We started out wanting plasmas, but they require their own plasma mounts. That, and they have to be recharged or whatever. Nah, don’t want that. We’ve looked at LCD, but that makes us feel like we’re watching our computers, :lol:. So, not what we want. So, instead, we’re saving up for one of those gorgeous LED TVs. Have you seen those? TO DIE FOR!


No More Home Depot

Josh is no longer ever going to take me to Home Depot. We went in for things for a hose, so Josh could flush my heater core (worked awesome, BTW). Yeah, we spent an hour in the store. Why? Because I wanted to look at windows, doors, floor tiles, counters, etc. I love walking through Home Depot and Lowe’s for that stuff. I had Josh rolling his eyes because I found the tub faucets and told him “even the faucets will match and/or coordinate”. What? I’m not obsessed, I swear.