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I’m supposed to be getting some visitors today. I’m starting to wonder if I sent off party invitations and not remember doing so.

Yeah, I know. I didn’t. But it’s got me nervous. I’m exhausted, so at least I’m not as nervous as I could be. Cylithria was supposed to come last night but it got late and the wedding was still going strong. So, I get to meet them {Cylithria and Tessa} today! :woot:

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I’m Getting Skinnier

I’m not really doing much, but I’m watching that scale hover between 125 and 127. I know I won’t see 115 again, so I’m not even check out weight loss pills. Besides, those are supposedly for those who are overweight. I’m not overweight, I know that. 🙂

I’m exhausted today. Took two Benadryl’s at midnight. Wow. That is way too late to take something like that. Ugh!


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Weekly Winners: Sept. 13-20, 2009

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Jersey Boy
Ethan wearing Madi’s jersey
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