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8 Years Ago

Eight years ago, I rolled over, or technically lifted my chin off his chest, looked at Josh, and said “So, are we dating?”. He mumbled “I guess so,” and kissed me. From that point on, we’ve been together.

In May of 2001, I met him. I don’t know the exact date. I drooled, and requested a transfer to Garden Center, just to be near him. No guy has ever made me feel like that.

In July of 2001, Josh and I were talking online, along with at work. He was talking about going to Islands of Adventure with his friend Amilcar and Amilcar’s girlfriend. I basically invited myself, :lol:. He’d had another girl in mind, but she had to work. :w00t: for me.

We messed around a little but nothing went anywhere *cough*

We continued to hang out from then on.

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I’ve come to accept certain things about myself:

:yes: I’ll never fit into a Size 5 pair of jeans. Hips just won’t allow that.
:yes: I doubt I’ll see the lower end of 120 lbs, unless I go insane with working out and NOT convert any fat to muscle
:yes: I don’t need to look for the best diet pills, just to lose a couple pounds
:yes: Josh loves my curves, all of them.
:yes: My kids don’t care what I look like, as long as I love them.

Go me! Now, to get back on that work-out schedule, anyway, 😆

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I was talking to Kori on Twitter about wedding plans. We want to get married on a beach. We want that so badly. Like badly enough that I’m looking at condos in Destin FL, just to see how much we’d have to spend to be able to squeeze most everyone in one area for cheap.

I want my beach wedding. Today brings it all home how much I want it.

Well, at least I have my knight in shining armor 🙂


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Re-Finding My Love of Water

Recently, I stopped drinking water like I used to. Bottles are expensive, and the water filters we use are in the pitcher in the fridge. The ice-cold-ness hurt my teeth. But, I need to find that love again. I actually like drinking water, but hate the taste of tap. Tap here, or anywhere, I’ve found, minus my parents, but that’s well, tastes like feet to me. Feet and butt. Not a nice combo.

Might explain why I always mix in a flavoring 😉

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What Do You Use

With the current state of computers, they’re bound to fail. No matter what brand you pimp out, Apple, HP, Compaq, Dell, Toshiba, etc, etc, something is going to fail somewhere. So, you gotta think about the backups. Do you use a DVD? A CD? Flash drives? Externals? Extra internals? Maybe online backup? Personally, I back up along several externals. I :heart: my Western Digitals. But, I’ve been looking into online backup. Wonder if it’s worth it? I’m scared someone will be able to more easily steal information through that, though.

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