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I was talking with Cylithria on Plurk about connections made where you least expect them. She became “bionic” on the same day that Josh and I officially started dating. It’s one of those weird coincidences that seriously do make the world go round.

It got me thinking about the other connections we make. Like with Julie. She’s got a very shitty brother. Guess who else has one? Fun, oh fun. Actually, split how my siblings can be, Megan with her having to one-up you all the time, and Daniel with his stealing from family and blaming everyone else that he doesn’t have any money, though he refuses to hold a steady job, and bam you have Julie’s brother.

I, in agreeance with Cylithria, love these connections. For me, they make me think back on other times. Like with the connection to the date of my anniversary and Cylithria’s “bionicness”. Now, when she thinks of that, she’ll think of me, and vice versa. It will remind me that because of that, I have one hell of a woman that I’ve gotten to know. One day, my ass will make it to Michigan, or somewhere, I’m gonna meet this amazing woman.

Okay, before I go off too off course on how awesome my friends are, I just wanted to have something to smile about when I feel down. Today is exactly one week until my sister’s 20th birthday. It’s also exactly one week until the anniversary of 9/11. As with each birthday/anniversary, I’m gonna remember what also happened that day, eight years ago: I found my family again. Josh made me call them. Since then, I’ve had a closer relationship with my mom, one that I never had. I’m closer to my father than I have ever been. I hate the loss of life that happened that day, but I’m also thankful for that day. That day showed me many things: the power of forgiveness, the power of hate, and the power of the American heart.

And now I’m going to shut up.


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