Haiku the Photo

PhotoStory Friday
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All for top of truck
Packed with , filled up
Clothes for a boy, no
To go on the truck

All those are to go to my family’s house when we go. Minus the , :lol:.

Clean under the table
We’re in the process of trying to get the semi-clean before we leave. Part of that is cleaning under the table because the kids are slobs.

No Laundry! a couple pieces of laundry
Another part of it is making sure the is clean. Yes, that’s EMPTY stuff!! The last load of went in the dryer last night!!

Dishes are mostly done
Just a couple dishes left to wash, and a sink to clean. Maybe mop (Swiffer WetJet) the floor, and the kitchen is clean.

Happy With the Progress
I’m quite satisfied with how it all turned out.
And please ignore the “


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4 responses to “Haiku the Photo

  1. I was never much good at packing boxes.

  2. Wow, an empty laundry basket! Awesome!

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  3. Empty laundry basket only last 5 mins round here! Good luck with your move.