Tons of Scrap Pages!

Me, with my baby 2nd and my son.
Picture was taken by my cousin [baby’s mommy], on my camera, XD. I love this picture, even though I look like a . It was taken in Evansville, IN, during my month-long stay at my parents. I will never do that again without my husband.
Kit: Moments from Scrappin @ Brownie Scraps

Template Challenge @ Brownie Scraps
Kit: Juliet
The pictures are during the playing of Star Wars Force Unleashed for the by my husband.
Don’t ask about Madi’s face. I have *no* idea why she’s making that face.
Love Story

Birthday Boy
Kit: One of the Guys [I think]

Growing Up
challenge @ Brownie Scraps

Kit: Timeless, from Brownie Scraps

Kit: Kristin Aargard @ Gotta Pixel

god heavens
Kit: In The Spotlight
Diamond: King
Glitter: Sentimental Style
Tape: All mine, baby [like the only pieces of kits I know how to make but I done forgot how, XD
There was a storm rolling in, and I love taking . 🙂 I thought a black and white layout would fit the picture perfectly.

goofy child
Kit: Mandi Made Digi Bits

pieces of E
Kit Pieces:

Kit: Gingerscraps
Picture: My badass shorts from a friend of mine 🙂

Kit: Over teh Rainbow
Store: Snap Scrap Create

Creator: Collab
Store: Brownie Scraps blog, daily "bytes"

Kit: Bamboo Zen
Creator: Wyld Web Designs
Store: Gingerscraps

Kit: March Byte by Byte Kit
Creator: Collab
Store: Brownie Scraps blog, daily "bytes"


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