Update on the Day

Since I posted my Weekly Winners post seriously early, I’m gonna update you on what’s going on now πŸ™‚

It was a later start to the day, but we had a . Ended up catching the end of “Here Comes Goodbye”, and started crying [, I know]. Josh called Ethan to come with .
Cuddles With Momma
You can see the brightness of my eyes that show that I was crying πŸ™‚
And please ignore how chubs I look in this shirt. It’s and I didn’t want to put on a bra.

Playing Kiddos
I love how he’s the focus without me even trying to get it to do that. Ms. Camera, I love you!

Feet and Legs Cover Face
Why is he covering his face like that? I have no idea, but I hate that it covers
Little Boy Orange
This adorable !!


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