Sleepy Time Lists

The second of step of the Build a Better Blog Challenge and it’s to write a “list post”. Goodness, I write one at least once a week for Thursday 13, but here’s another. I’m setting this to post in a few hours, so by the time it posts, I’d had better be asleep in my bed.

has no school until Tuesday [she goes back Tuesday if that makes more sense]. She’s so smart, though, that I don’t want her to forget what she’s learning. I bought her some workbooks for her to work on this week and during the summer.

  • First Grade Super

    Skills Incuded:

  • : Grade 1

    Skills Included

  • Addition and Subtraction: Grades 1-2

    Skills Included:

    • Addition and Subtraction
    • Fact Families
    • Place Value
    • Regrouping
    • And More
  • Basics First Grade

    Skills Included

    • Beginning Reading
    • Basic Math
    • And More

I got all of those at Walmart. I’m pretty sure you can find them anywhere, but since I paid $3.97 for all but one, I’ll continue to get them there. What we do with Madi is have her do one or two pages a day, or she’ll finish the book in one. Yeah, her momma had the same problem.

We’re also working on Ethan with a few things. He’s a stubborn on things, so we’re going slower than we ever did with Madi, but he’s picking them up.

  • Riding a bike:
    he got a bike for his birthday, and he’s ridden it twice but he loves his bike, and his Lightening McQueen
  • Potty Training:
    We’ve been working on this since he was two. Considering Madi didn’t potty train until she was 4 1/2, almost 5, I’m not surprised he’s going slow at it
  • ABCs and 123’s
    Oye! This one is a struggle!

Okay, now it’s getting close to time for me to seriously get some shut-eye, so I’m going to end this with my to-do list for today [tomorrow for when I’m writing this, XD], April 10, 2009:

  • LAUNDRY *gag*
  • Work out
  • Follow some tutorials for digiscrap kit making
  • Any results I get, post on We Can Scrap
  • Work on a purple design for Maddie [a precious little girl who passed away earlier this week]
  • Work on some scrap pages
  • Create a new design for We Can Scrap

Can you think of something else I need to do? Please don’t tell me, XD.


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4 thoughts on “Sleepy Time Lists”

  1. We do the same thing with our girls. They each get a notebook or 2, and we work on it all summer. Last summer I kind of failed on making them work on them, but I had a brand new baby, so I have an excuse. πŸ˜‰
    I am not looking forward to potty training a boy. My daughter was really easy, but my step daughter didn’t stop having accidents until right before she started kindergarten – and she was 6! (I had no control over that, I had just started seeing her dad then.) She still has issues though, and we are having to make sure she goes #2 everyday… UGH !

    HeatherΒ΄s last blog post..Yay ! 3 columns ! (and a centered header !)

    1. We got Madi notebooks though-out the year so far, and she fills them up within days. Writing, drawing, everything. She definitely loves school.

      Madi was fully potty-trained in June, around her 5th birthday. She started school in August [kindergarten], so she was on the late end. Ethan’ll be 5 1/2 or so when he starts school, so we have time with him. I learned, with Madi, not to rush the issue. It’s just getting EXPENSIVE because he just doesn’t want to train, at all. It’s always “tomorrow” XD

  2. with my daughter, i always let her in the bathroom with me – i’ve heard with boys the dad’s need to really be involved. if that’s not happening at your house, maybe it would be something to try ?

    1. Daddy’s involved, trust me. πŸ™‚ It’s a stubbornness on Ethan’s part. His sister was the same exact way. It took an 8 hour road trip for her to finally get the hang of it. That, and she had 4 people standing around her at the time, cheering her on, XD.

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