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PhotoStory Friday
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Pictures taken with a Sony Cybershot DSCW120

Who knew so much drama could ensue over one picture. I was called lazy and that I “could do better than that” over my Less Words Wednesday post. The so-called controversial picture?
Birthday Comes Early

It’s a picture of my husband’s birthday gift. Do I really give two shits that someone didn’t like my picture? No. What pissed me off over it was the fact that I was called lazy over it. Um, what? Because of a picture? And then because, oh my god, I typed words with the post. If the moron would have looked, he would have noticed that the post was titled “Less Words Wednesday”. AND there was even a little graphic above the picture that said the same exact thing.

I did the immature thing, though. I marked him as spam in Akismet, and then banned his IP. This is my blog, that I pay for. I do not have to tolerate bullshit like that. A friend of mine, though, had me in stitches, threatening to do the same. See, that I can tolerate. I know her. I talk to her often [like daily, XD]. She can do that. Some little assmunch on the internet who was too chicken shit to leave his own URL? Yeah, blocked mothafucka. I don’t care.

Okay, I’m going to shut up on this subject now. No need getting all worked up over something that happened two days ago. Ain’t worth my time! I have better things to do.



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6 Responses to Photostory Friday

  1. I’d go cool off on the WII.

    Shellie´s last blog post..Rorschach, Anyone?

  2. Hahah, are you talking about me? Spam spam spammity spam spam?
    jeez, you are sooooo lazy… haha, speaking of lazy, I am totally wearing a side-ponytail right now, cuz I’m laying on my side and my hair was cold on my neck after my shower…

    Misty´s last blog post..Thirteen Thoughts Thursday

    • LMAO! Lazy bum!!
      And yeah, you were the spamming friend I was talking about. You can spam me. Some little snot who I don’t know from Adam and Eve? Nope. Gets blocked.

  3. That looks like a fun game to get agressions out on!