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A Month of Speed Scraps

Gingerscraps has one hell of a challenge going on:
Every single day there will be a speed scrap being held.

Yes, you heard that right!!
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Thursday 13 – 56th Edition

Ups and Downs of the Day/Week

  1. My son is finally potty training
  2. I had to completely reset my laptop
  3. 31 Days of Speed Scrapping @ Gingerscraps
  4. 31 Days of Scrapping @ DSM
  5. I’m hosting FOUR speed scraps in May
  7. I lost all my creations from January 2009 on
  8. We’ve had 4 out of 5 days of rain
  9. Madi is doing good in school
  11. Josh has 6 days next week, and some nice overtime this week!
  12. It’s almost Friday
  13. Did I mention that Ethan is finally potty-training?
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Laptop Resetting

I just had to completely reset my laptop.
Doofus me didn’t back up ANY of the recent layouts I did, so the only things I have from them now are the 600×600 previews 🙁
Thankfully, I only lost Aprils, as far as I know.

What happened, you might be asking?
Norton did an update that caused PSP to stop working [along with each and every other program]. So, my attempts to fix it just made it worse. 🙁
So, I did a System Restore. Instead of agreeing to back-up, which I could have just dragged from the main HD to my external, I went “do restore”.

I’m the first one to go “back-up, back-up, back-up”. Heck, I’d just DONE a back-up, but I didn’t back up my recent creations. I was going to upload them to flickr, but never got around to it.

Please, someone, beat me with something!!

Meet Me @ DSM

There’s a speed scrap tonight @ DSM!!

The time: 10pm Eastern / 9pm Central / 8pm Mountain / 7pm Pacific
The Host: Ms.Jordan
The Location: HERE!!

The prize? Who cares!! It’s a freaking SPEED SCRAP!!

Wordless Wednesday