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T13 – 50th Edition – 13 eBooks I Have

13 eBooks I Have

1. The Daddy Verdict (Silhouette Special Edition)
2. Acting the Part
3. Renegade (Hqn Books) (also in book form :P)
4. Boss Man (Bestselling Author Collection)
5. Carrera’s Bride (Bestselling Author Collection)
6. Lawman (Hqn Romance)
7. Man Of The Hour: Night Of LoveSecret Agent Man — checking this book in my eReader [Digital Editions, btw, on my laptop] shows that I have not read the book, :lol:. Um, oops!! Fixing that now 😛
8. Hot Property (Hot Zone)
9. The Warlord’s Bride
10. The Single Dad’s Virgin Wife (Silhouette Special Edition)
11. Another Man’s Baby (Harlequin Superromance)
12. Beauty and the Beast: An Erotic Bedtime Story *Favorite Fairytale that didn’t turn out well as an erotica story, :lol:*
13. Kiss Me Deadly (Silhouette Nocturne)

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