Daily Archives: 14 March, 2009

Photohunt: Four

Theme: Four
Pictures taken with a Sony Cybershot DSCW120

He's Almost 4

He turns 4 on Tuesday. I can’t believe he’ll actually be four!
I’m not ready!!

The first picture is me with him, taken last week. The top right is when he was just a few hours old. The middle right is him sleeping some time last week. The bottom right is last Saturday, at Papaw’s.

A Movie That Wins

My kids are both getting sucked into Bridge to Terabithia.
Josh is okay with getting it for them, including getting Madi the book.
That was my dad’s suggestion for Madi. He told me that he wished he could have done it for me, and that’s one of his biggest regrets: he didn’t encourage my love of reading and writing. *sniffles*

Now, time for an update on the excercise:
First, I had to quit early today. Headache (still have the headache), shaky, woozy, nauseaus, ughs!

Anyways, worked out every day this week!! I’m so proud of myself!

Weight: 129lbs
Waist: 33 1/2″
Hips: 36 1/2″
Thighs: 22″
Calf: 14″
Bicep: 11 1/2″
Bust: 33″
Boobs: 36″ (and happy perky, LMAO)