Gonna kill my kid

had her first visit to the principal’s office today. Fucking child! She told the boys to “touch her boob” and “kiss her ”. Now, see!! That’s what Josh is teaching her. I know, good thing we can’t keep our hands off each other, but oh my god!

I have her in her room, TV, (), and DVD player completely unhooked. That just pissed me off WAY too much. To compensate for my , I spiked my drink. I need to get drunk. I need to drink! I don’t fucking care if it’s not even 5pm yet. Its 5pm one over!


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2 responses to “Gonna kill my kid

  1. kiss her butt, i get. touch her boob is unusual tho…

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    • I don’t know where she got that. I told her yesterday morning “Gotta button up your shirt so your boobs don’t hang out”. She looked at me like I’d lost my mind and then laughed. Never once mentioning “touch”. I’m thinking she’s picking up stuff at school and on AdultSwim (she’d change the channel).