Photo Story Friday

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Pictures taken with a Sony Cybershot DSCW120

Crazy Momma
Uh, oh, beware!! It’s another picture post involving the one formally known as “Toothpick”. I no longer feel so skinny, but Josh loves me this way, so I don’t know. I love to take pictures of myself, so I guess I’m not too uncomfortable.
Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid
There is a such thing as over-sharpening things. Find the area that I over-sharpened for a prize 😛
The prize? The in knowing you found my 😉
Cheeky Bitch
Why the heck am I giving a thumbs up? I have no idea anymore. I think it was because I was happy over the purple-ness that overflowed 2 last night, :lol:.
Rockin a New Sweater
Can you tell by that lovely face that I’m still dealing with the clogged icky ? No? Well I am. Yes? Good for you. Wanna make me feel better?

And guess what I’m supposed to be doing next week. My husband and I are supposed to have a date night. My is taking the kids and we pick them up Sunday 🙂 w00t

And that’s my morning/day/whatever so far.


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10 responses to “Photo Story Friday

  1. Purple is definitely your color!!

  2. bwahahah… i think you mean “formerly known as”… not “formally known as”…. both are f-in hilarious tho….
    ….or maybe it’s the pollution clouding my thinking… whatever,.. it’s early and i’m bored, so i’m rambling. bwahahah.
    ps, my sinuses are all f-ed up too. i blame the midwest. or global warming (haha, then why am i getting colder?). or something. i need a nap

    • Eh, whatever. I like how I put it, though I did mean “formerly”, :lol:. Clogged brain and all that.

      Oh, and global warming is hotter summers and colder winters. We’re proving that 🙂

      And the midwest SUCKS! I had no sinus problems in Florida, until we had the black mold issue 🙁

  3. and im gonna guess eyes for the oversharpening

  4. bwahahaha.

    i am too fucking tired and bored…

  5. Looks like you were having fun taking pix! Hope you have a wonderful date weekend.