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I is Bad Momma

How to correctly scare the pants off a 3-yr-old boy:

T13 – 45th Edition: Random Thoughts

Thirteen Random Thoughts I Have Right Now

1. *cough cough*
2. Okay, not a thought but something I did.
3. Josh Duhamel is f’ing hot.
4. I love watching Las Vegas.
5. Vanessa Marcil is freaking hot, too.
6. I miss Brenda.
7. I need to brush my teeth.
8. I need to stop chewing on my lips.
9. Keeping an egg “alive” is not the same thing as dealing with a baby.
10. *cough cough*
11. Oh, that is nasty!!
12. Smoking is gross!!
13. Glad I don’t do it at all.

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