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I Am a Metal Cock

I don’t mean I have one. According to Chinese Astrology, my husband I are both “metal roosters”. See, rooster = cock. Cock is funny when you use it that way 😛 Other ways? Belongs in erotica novels only, IMO.

Anyways, continuing on, because I know this is going to get me a fuckton of nasty ass spam comments:

Feb 8, 1921 to Jan 27, 1922
Feb 5, 1981 to Jan 24, 1982

Metal roosters are strong and quite people. They remain within themselves and tend to be moody and outspoken sometimes. This temperament makes relationships difficult for them. Though they are reserved by nature they are quite brave and take call of the situation when required.

On the brighter side metal roosters are quite talented people and are completely devoted to their work. They can easily distinguish between right and wrong and have a very analytical approach to life. Even in the toughest of situations, metal roosters come out shining like a star. Their romantic lives are quite smooth, as they believe in life long commitment.

And holy shit! That fits me and my husband very well.

Anything Goes Challenge

Picture: Madi and Josh [8 months old]
Challenge: Anything Goes Wednesday
Scrapkit: Kristin Aargard, Gotta Pixel
Song: There Goes My Life, Kenny Chesney

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Haiku Friday

She was little once
So tiny, perfectly sweet
Our own angel babe
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Photostory Friday

Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

Big Grins
I remember the first pangs of labor. I remember the drugs to get her to come because of pre-e. I remember her first teeth, which came at the same time.
I remember those first steps.
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