T13 – 44th Edition – Madi as a Baby

Thirteen Pictures of My Baby Girl

1. Tiger was Mr. Protective where Madi was concerned. He was always around if she was awake.
Protective Pet
2. To this day, Madi and Daddy will still sleep together. It’s so adorable.
Daddy Daughter Sleeps
3. She always had this surprised look on her face when it was bath time.
Bathtime Surprise
4. The epitomy of bad , but you learned, with a colic-y baby, let her sleep wherever the heck she fell asleep!
Bad Parenting
5. Madi was a little unsure of my and his when they came to see her for the first time, :lol:. As you can tell, was thrilled to be there, though. Dad, as usual, very stoic, but man, you should see the smiles on him now.
Examining Grandpa
6. One of my very good friends, Michelle, with Madi. She claims Madi as a . I have no problems with that. Any children she has will be claimed by me 🙂
Mish and Madi Share an Oreo
7. I’m still so in love with her eyes. They’re just gorgeous!
Precious Napper
8. Okay, seriously. Can you blame me for this picture? She’s so cute!!
Beautiful Smile
9. Madi’s . We lived in Florida, so that’s why we’re not wearing jackets. Those are former of Josh’s when he lived at his ’s. Actually, those two girls? They’re the ones who got Josh to admit I was his . On 9/11. After they helped catch a . 😆
Old Friends We Miss
10. Me, when I was “very young”. I was under the age of 23. We’ll leave it at that, :lol:. You do have to remember that I had Madi when I was 21, so I was definitely young, 🙂 You can tell she’s my daughter, though 🙂
Like Mama Like Daughter
11. Yeah, she still gets pissy if you take away her cake. Learned that year to get her own, always, :lol:. She’ll spit in the cake, if she has to, to get it all to herself.
Cake Removal
12. Because our in FL never got cool enough, she spent a good portion of her 13 months there naked. I don’t think she had a problem with it.
Big Face
13. Her first visit [and last, so far] to the beach. She wasn’t too sure what to think of it, but she eventually grew to love it.
First Beach Adventure

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5 responses to “T13 – 44th Edition – Madi as a Baby

  1. those are cute… but why is the title 13 things for you to do?

  2. I love the surprised look at bath time. Water is such a strange thing. 🙂

  3. the first 2 pics are truly heartwarming! I just adopted a new jack russell and am contemplating introudcing a cat in time to come. Hope they turn out as great as your cat!