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In Country Heaven

You might not realize this about me, but I’m a country girl. Yes, I’ve owned a cowgirl hat and boots. I live in blue jeans, that must be at least boot cut. I’m a country girl through and through (just don’t expect me to ride a horse). With that comes a responsibility to drive everyone insane with my love of country music. Okay, maybe not. It’s more of a compulsion to relive happy memories through songs and videos.

When I was growing up, there was a series of videos by Travis Tritt. They were about a woman named Annie. Well, I found the whole trilogy!! Thanks to beeg487 on Plurk, I got them all 🙂 Anymore, If I Lost You, and Tell Me I Was Dreaming.

Now, to inundate you with the videos, so you know what I’m talking about. They might not be in order, but I don’t really care, :lol:. I love them all. Warning: If you’re prone to tearing up at songs or videos, you might at these.
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Laughing because it’s true

Have you ever read something and laughed, because you were embarrassed? Have you ever read something and laughed, because it was true? How about a combination of both? I read something today that made me do a combination of the two. It was about the Ten Things He Wishes You Wouldn’t Do, and the #1 thing?
Avoid sex as much as possible and when you do have it, make sure that it’s over as soon as possible.

I read that post out-loud to Josh and we were both laughing. Not because it was a funny post. It was written in a semi-humorous way, but it was a very serious topic. We were laughing because it was too freaking true, on my part.

Please, Mommas out there, tell me I’m not the only one who ends up being like this.

Weekly Plans: January 19 – 25

The Goal: Each week, you figure out what you need to do for the following week. No real point, but it’s a great way of keeping track of plans and things.

Others who are participating:

Monday, January 19

  • Post a blog entry 😛
  • Some shopping at Walmart
  • Work on Sigs ‘n More
  • Laundry 🙁
  • My husband is off *:)*

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