Daily Archives: 17 January, 2009

Computer Maintenance

With a new computer, or an old one, one of the hassles, in my opinion, is keeping up with the drivers needed to keep everything up and running. Windows makes it pretty easy, by checking when it does it’s own updates, but some people don’t want to update Windows for some reason (yes, I know, some updates break things), so they have to manually check for updates on the drivers for their own machines.

With my laptop, I have to check for HP drivers and ATI drivers. The bad thing? Sometimes updates cancel each other out, or cause something to break. Found that out the hard way when Vista did an update that broke my graphics card (literally). I’m still working on getting it fixed. I can no longer watch movies on it.

This is too funny

I’m with Jeremy.
Okay, so the Mayan calender ends. Until I have some tangible proof that something big and bad is going to happen, I’m not going to stress on it.

Who’s with me?

Photo Hunt: Hat(s)

Theme: Hat(s)
Pictures taken with a Sony Cybershot DSCW120

Worried (w/ hat)
Oh lord. Does anyone really want to see my family in hats? Oh, they do? Really? Wow. Okay, then, here we go.
Real purpose: I love the way this shot turned out, with the worried look in my eye, so I used it 😉
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