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Every day, something new is posted, some piece of . Yes, it happens more than just every day, but it definitely always happens each day.

Yesterday, some very hit the blogging world. A great , mother, daughter, wife, is losing her battle with , and is now at home, with her family, for her last moments. I do not know Lisa personally, but I have been reading her .

There are no words that will make her fight any easier, no words to take away the pain of knowing that she’ll be leaving her family behind as she takes those final steps in life. There is nothing no one could say or do to make things better, but we can try. If you can do nothing more than spread the word, so that her and her family are surrounded by and prayers, I think that would be most comforting. Maybe surrounding the and with , to see if they can find a cure.

Now, excuse me while I go and cuddle with my little boy and cry a little. Well, more than a little.

Lisa, you don’t know me, and I don’t know you, but I pray that you are constantly surrounded by and family for the rest of your moments on this , and beyond.


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2 responses to “The Blogging World

  1. OMG, I feel so bad! Thanks for posting this. I don’t know her either, but that doesn’t matter. I went through hospice with my grandmother several months ago, and I remember the emotions involved. 🙁