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I didn’t get any replies here, but I got some on Plurk. Feel free to ask now 😛

Why Kansas?
Because he had family here, and a guaranteed job. Evansville was more expensive.

Why Osias?
You know? I have no idea. 😆

Why read?
Because it is the shiznit

Why write?
because I like to pretend I’m good at it

Why photograph?
I want to capture as many memories so I have no regrets, and can never forget

Those a good start?
Thank you, Krissy 🙂

The Blogging World

Every day, something new is posted, some piece of vital information. Yes, it happens more than just every day, but it definitely always happens each day.

Yesterday, some very sad news hit the blogging world. A great blogger, mother, daughter, wife, is losing her battle with cancer, and is now at home, with her family, for her last moments. I do not know Lisa personally, but I have been reading her blog.

There are no words that will make her fight any easier, no words to take away the pain of knowing that she’ll be leaving her family behind as she takes those final steps in life. There is nothing no one could say or do to make things better, but we can try. If you can do nothing more than spread the word, so that her and her family are surrounded by good thoughts and prayers, I think that would be most comforting. Maybe surrounding the doctors and scientists with inspirational thoughts, to see if they can find a cure.

Now, excuse me while I go and cuddle with my little boy and cry a little. Well, more than a little.

Lisa, you don’t know me, and I don’t know you, but I pray that you are constantly surrounded by love and family for the rest of your moments on this Earth, and beyond.

Less Words Wednesday


This little dude has the ability to just zonk anywhere. I want that ability. I used to have it. When do you outgrow it? I want it back!!

Nothing much is going on here. Waiting on pest control to show up, if they even do. Josh figured out something: we get pest control when we get someone new moving in. He’s jaded and thinks it to prove that they do it, but since they are pretty regular about it (I’ve seen the guy 12 times in 3 years, so I’d say pretty consistent since we also never have bugs), I think it’s because they’re doing it as a preventive measure. Just in case the person who’s moving in’s last place had bugs, they don’t want them coming into this building. Works for me 🙂 I completely agree!!

Speaking of moving, I’m getting tired of hearing that it’s a “buyer’s market” and bullshit like that. I’m tired of hearing “now is the time to buy a house”. 🙁 I want to buy a house, trust me. We just can’t because we need to be guaranteed of hours for Josh. He’s guaranteed 2-60 hours a week (anything over about 50 is double-time, though). Yeah, until we have him on 40 hours guaranteed, no matter what, we’re staying here.


Project 365: 014/365 :: Wink Wink

Wink Wink
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Just a random shot of the handsome boy.
I like how soft it looks.

Hope you’re having a good day 🙂

Project 365: 013/365 :: A$$3$ who can’t park

A$$3$ who can’t park
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That little red car? Ours.
The big behemoth? The lady in Two’s moronic craptastic parking boyfriend.
He’s hit THREE vehicles since we moved in. One of those was ours (with his door, dent in vehicle of now parent’s Jimmy). One of the others? A freaking HIT AND RUN!!