Daily Archives: 13 January, 2009


😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

Admit it!! It’s funny as hell!!

Screw Tuesdays

Okay, I officially hate Tuesdays now.
Or at least this one.
I was out, like a light, after midnight. I was all cuddled in the covers. Josh, oh so rudely, yanks them, and nearly strangles me. He then proceeds to sleep on my side of the bed and get pissy when I nudge him off of me with my hip and butt cheek. After that, he flips out on me because I’m tired and do not want to be used as a prop for keeping him on his side.
GAH! Then a few hours later, he again wakes me up from a dead sleep, with loud ass snoring. Can someone please take this man off my hands for a few days so I can get a full night’s sleep?
Now? I’m off to take a shower as soon as I take care of the boy who oh so thirsty and practically dying from it.