Daily Archives: 10 January, 2009

I Need A Nap

I’m about ready to purchase some digital signage that says “I’m closed for the rest of the month” when it comes to anything. I’m just freaking exhausted. I’m tired of hearing about banks getting bail-out funds and not having to answer where it goes. I’m tired of hearing about the threat of Yellowstone going “kablooey” because it’s close to us. I’m tired of hearing about the loss of jobs, because Josh’s isn’t guaranteed, even though it’s a government job.

Have I mentioned that I’m just tired of everything right now?

The Monkey’s Request

Madi has only one request for what we spend tax return on: bed frames for her and Ethan. We found them both each a perfect frame, and can get them cheaply at Walmart. *w00t*

Speaking of bed frames: I was watching an episode of That 70’s Show, and I recognized my old bedroom set. Jackie’s bedroom set is the same exact one I had, and the one Josh’s sister, Jamie, had. Madi? She now has bits and pieces of that set, :lol:. The bed frames from both sets didn’t make it. Jamie’s got sold and mine collapsed (literally, while I was in it, :lol:).


I just realized I never shipped my family’s Christmas gifts. Okay, I didn’t forget, I just didn’t have any shipping boxes. Okay, even that’s not the truth, :lol:. Honestly, the truth is that we wait until Spring Break or summer to exchange gifts because it’s cheaper, and I’m not scrounging around trying to find the gifts that they want 😛 And I still have a few things I need to get. :/

RSI: My Shoulder Complaints

My shoulder, courtesy of working at Walmart before they changed their policies, is almost constantly pain. Its on fire most of the time. I thankfully don’t need a shoulder pain pump or something like that for it, though.

I know a good chunk of it is because I’m not using my laptop the way I’m supposed to. I’m not set up to use it to prevent repetitive injury, but gah, I don’t have the room to do it that way. Desk isn’t big enough. Plus, with the tower also on the desk, I tend to forget and try and use the tower’s mouse and/or keyboard, :lol:. Anyone else do that?

Not a smart move

Josh and I were watching the news about the electronics expo thing in Vegas [or wherever] and while we do plan on buying a couple electronics, we don’t plan on doing anything big or extravagant.

Things we do need to get:
1. A wireless printer
2. A new tower [ours is old and decrepit]
3. A basic TV for Ethan [his went kaput and he has ours :(]

Otherwise, nothing much. Max spending there? $1500.
Most of the money? Kids’ savings accounts and our own. Oh, and car repairs [maintenance].

They were talking about people who are splurging, though, and buying the big huge, state of the art stuff, and all I can think is, are you moronic? Can you not think of something smarter to spend your money on? Maybe saving some, just in case the country does go belly-up? Maybe it’s just me thinking that way.