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Last night I fell asleep reading Gone with the Wind, and that must have prompted something in my .

I was in my own little Gone with the Wind world. I was a cross between and . Josh was my own personal . Let me tell you, his scrawny butt looked quite hot in his Southern Gentleman . In the dream, we were married, I think. I had a ring, but it was the same one I’m wearing now, so who knows.

I liked that world. There were less things to worry about. We didn’t have to worry about and all that .

I'm Looking
But, it also reminded me of what I do have. I get to have a who can speak her mind and not worry that she’ll never get married because of it.
Little Boy Flasher
I get to have a little boy who can dream big of his future, of maybe being in space. Or he can even still be a cowboy if he wants, as we always need someone to help us with putting meat on the tables of families.

Delicates a'Hangin'
The biggest freaking plus? I get to wear a damn BRA and not a freaking corset. I like the choice of what I do or don’t wear under my clothes. It’s freeing, it’s lovely.

It’s worth not living in the !!

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14 responses to “As God is my witness …

  1. What, you don’t wear a corset everyday?? 🙂 Dang I need to rethink my undergarment choices.

    • I don’t even own one 😉 Well, one that fits and isn’t cheap. The good ones cost 3-5 times what I’m willing to pay for something no one will see 😉


  2. woo hoo! Let’s hear it for bras! tee hee
    Happy PSF!

  3. Well done for trying to read that book!

  4. Well, I must say that I am so glad that I am not the only one to hang my bras out in the open for everyone else to see! Pretty embarrassing tho when someone from the church comes by and that’s the first thing they see coming in the side door! Ha Ha LOL!

    Love the story and comparisons, very Cute!

  5. Having never worn a bra OR a corset, I’m going to take your word on it.
    This was a great post!

  6. OH the bra is the BEST! HAHAHAHA!

  7. “I like the choice of what I do or don’t wear under my clothes. It’s freeing, it’s lovely.” 🙂 Love this line!