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I absolutely love and adore this song!!

Yes, I realize I’ve probably shown this like 12 million times but I love and adore this song [oh, did I say that already?]

Um, yeah right

It is looking like one of your best days this week. There could be some minor hiccups caused by an ill thought-out comment, but you are oozing charisma and you will be able to make amends easily. A small win or a cash gain could be likely too, but you will need to act swiftly!


As a Twitter bud and I were discussing, that totally doesn’t fit either one of us today. Oozing charisma? Yeah right. I’m about ready to kill anything that moves, little, big, child, spouse. Makes no difference to me. All must pay today.

I have no idea what is wrong. Maybe it’s because I’m slightly PMS’ing (I have no periods because of my IUD, but I still have the monthly gift of pissiness. But I don’t really think that’s it. I think a lot of it has to do with having to wake up, and deal with the kids who do not want to be up either.

Just do yourself a little favor and give this pissy momma a wide berth. I want to just be alone and sleep for a month. Or, at the very least, a tv that works in my bedroom so I can hide away from the world with my DVDs.

As God is my witness …

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Last night I fell asleep reading Gone with the Wind, and that must have prompted something in my brain.
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