Ten Minutes

There are ten minutes until I have to go and pick-up Madison.
Have I mentioned that I haven’t really dressed this morning. I went out in a pair of and a boring, lazy shirt. I just didn’t want to wake up this morning. The bad thing: I’m still not wanting to wake up.
I’d rather just stay home and watch The OC’s Season 4’s episode, :lol:.
Gah! I hate feeling like ass but it looks like I have no choice.
Well, I’m outtie so I can make sure the boy is dressed.


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4 responses to “Ten Minutes

  1. i run around in yoga pants all the time… lol… and i steal a lot of ACC’s tshirts…

    • Josh’s shirts are getting too holey for me to steal, :lol:.

      • lol. andy has like the worlds largest collection of tshirts, i swear… lols

        • Josh used to but now he just lets them collect dust and wears them out. I’m trying to get him new ones but he’s like “No, just get me the kind that comes five to a package.”
          I have more tees than him, :lol:. Heck, I have more football related ones than him (4 Colts shirts, :lol:)