Daily Archives: 1 January, 2009

What’s Your Story?

Level 1
( ) I had an asthma attack
(X) Smoked A Cigarette
( ) Smoked A Cigar
(X) Tried Weed
(X) Drank Alcohol
(X) Been In Love
( ) Been Dumped
(X) Been Fired
(X) Been In A Fist Fight
( ) Snuck Out Of A Parent’s House
total so far: 6
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Project 365 : 001/365 : Dinner Time

Creative Dinner

That’s dinner. Admit it, you wish it was yours. Sorry, nothing really left, :lol:.
I’m officially and completely stuffed.


I played some Wii Sports today (training sessions), and drunk (last night) I register as 29, and sober, I register at 32. Not bad, I don’t think. With some work, I think I can hit younger than myself.

I found out I do need to work out, :lol:. My pants that I could wear 3 weeks ago do not fit now, :lol:. Holidays are not kind to me. Nor is IBS, but that’s another complaint post, :lol:.

I made some nummy dinner, I think. Cut up some chicken breasts, cooked them in butter (yeah, oh so healthy, :lol:). I then added some broccoli and mushrooms, and let them cook thoroughly. I put them on top of some spaghetti noodles and topped with Parmesan, Romano, and Asiago cheeses. YUM! Josh had to add hot sauce, :lol:).

Having a good start to 2009 yet?

Goodbye 2008

Two-thousand-and-eight went out with a bang.
Quite literally, judging by the fireworks that started as the ball dropped in New York, an hour earlier than they should have, since I’m in CST.

I’m ready to begin the year and have some fun.
Now to go back to drinking. Actually not, :lol:. Milk and Bailey’s caused digestive distress (IBS cramping), so I’m chilling and reading. Pathetic way to start the night, right?