Daily Archives: 22 December, 2008

Yeah, You Hate Me

:omg: I’ve mentioned several times that we have Christmas shopping done. Well, don’t worry, I’m not going to say that I’m not done, :lol:. I don’t want to wrap though!! Someone want to do it for me?

I’m currently watching The Princess Bride, and I’m thinking maybe I should pull out some gifts and do some wrapping. I have to wrap Josh’s sister’s gift, Josh’s brother’s girlfriend’s gift, Josh’s sister’s FIANCE’S (that’s the big news as of the 20th) gift, Mark’s gift, Julie’s gift, maybe even a few of the kids. Oye!

My kids are seriously being spoiled this year. There is going to so much candy in their stockings that I think they’ll fall of the wall hooks, :doh:. Nope, they’re not spoiled at all 😉 Besides candy, we also picked them up a cookie or two, and some rice krispie treat shapes. I think they’re going to love their Christmas, and that’s all that matters.

:christmas: Are you ready for Christmas?

The Ickies

:grr:The ickies? I have them again. Spent yesterday huddled on the couch after doing some shopping. Today? It’s in my chest and in my nose. Lovely. Josh, awesome possum that he is, though, got me some more Kleenex’s. These have the Vick’s in them, and my sinuses actually like to smell the stuff, :lol:.

Hmm, otherwise, everything Christmas-wise, minus the wrapping, is taken care of 🙂 That’s right, all shopping is DONE!! Even got Mom’s presents for the kids Friday. :mail: I feel like crap, but I’m still excited for Christmas.

Hmm, I guess that’s all 😛 See ya tomorrow, unless I feel inspired to post again 😛